Hangin’ out with the robins


Nothing earth shaking today – just a day of gratitude.  I won’t say that I can’t be discouraged today, but it’s a good day.

I was supposed to take my grandson for band rehearsal (he’s a bass player) but practice was canceled at the last minute.  He met me at the car when I pulled into his driveway to tell me that practice had just been canceled – too late to let me know before I left my house.  He looked worried that I had driven there for no reason and that I might be angry.  Imagine.

I looked at that dear face (if an almost 15-year-old boy/man can have a “dear” face) and smiled at him and told him that any day that I get to see his face is a good one – no matter how brief.  (and I meant it).

Back home, sitting at my work table – listening to Pandora radio – finishing a Leukemia awareness bracelet that someone had ordered and that I wanted to get in the mail this afternoon, I just felt grateful – for my life – my family – my house.  Just grateful.

The sun is shining and the grass was cut today so the lawn looks great. We seem to have quite a few robin visitors pecking at the ground and strutting around the yard with their distinctive red chests , enjoying the afternoon.  (I mean.. they didn’t speak to me or anything to tell me they were having a good time.  They just look like they are.)

Peace – sweet peace

Life is SO good!   And I am…. truly grateful!

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